Innovative Insurance Service


Provide healthy people with insurance in inelastic demand, such as commercial health insurance and tumor specialty drug insurance.

Provide welfare insurance for patients, such as pay-for-performance insurance and comorbidity insurance.

Preferred Cooperation Platform for Commercial Insurance


By virtue of the ability to innovate medical payment, PBM cooperation with pharmas and the nationwide DTP pharmacy network, MediTrust Health has established a complete PBM ecosystem to provide comprehensive PBM solutions for insurance companies.


In response to the market gap of tumor specialty drug protection in China, MediTrust Health united Tencent WeSure and Taikang to launch the “Yaoshenbao Anti-Cancer Specialty Drug Protection Plan” which fundamentally solves the problem of drug use and make anti-cancer specialty drugs benefit more groups in need.

“Yaoshenbao Anti-Cancer Specialty Drug Protection Plan” has a basic version and an upgraded version. The premium of the basic version is only $1 per month. Scan the QR code to find out more.