Pharmacy Network: Accessible to Everyone

Care2Pay®’s network of direct payment of commercial insurance to pharmacies has covered more than 90% of DTP pharmacies in China, and Care2Pay® is the preferred network of cooperation by commercial insurance companies.

Popularization of Specialty Drugs


Care2Pay®’s network of direct payment of commercial insurance to pharmacies integrates MediTrust Health's innovative payment capabilities and enhances the accessibility and affordability of drugs.


Seamless Connection to Critical Illness Insurance Program


In areas where policy of critical illness insurance program has been implemented in designated pharmacies, Care2Pay®’s network of direct payment of commercial insurance to pharmacies can obtain real-time access to the amount of commercial insurance after the payment of basic medical insurance, and plan for the best purchase route for the insured.


Efficient and Reliable Drug Supply


MediTrust Health has real-time and latest information on the varieties and stocks of specialty drugs in each pharmacy, and can intelligently integrate pharmacy resources. MediTrust Health endeavours to ensure that DTP pharmacies in the provincial capitals cover all the listed specialty drugs, and have great capabilities of drug supply.

Pharmacy network of MediTrust Health covers 1,200 DTP pharmacies in 300 cities of 30 provinces across the country, providing services to patients in all aspects and at all times.