Comprehensive Patient Care

Solving Problems Related to Chronic Disease Payments and Chronic Disease Management

As part of MediTrust Health’s continuous effort to focus on the chronic disease population, its Care2pay platform has developed the “Chronic Carefree (Manwuyou)” segment which provides drug payment benefits for chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and coronary heart disease. This initiative covers 36 selected chronic disease drugs and offers precise coverage for patients with the “three highs” (namely, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar) to improve patient medication compliance and medication confidence. By connecting with DTP pharmacies around the country, it provides patients with high-quality innovative drugs and professional pharmaceutical services. Meanwhile, MediTrust Health is also partnering with many pharmaceutical companies to launch various drug benefit projects for chronic disease patients. MediTurst Health will further invest in the field of chronic diseases, providing chronic disease patients with disease self-management education and support, helping them gradually quit their bad habits and understand the correct drug usage methods, familiarizing the patients with self-assessment techniques, and hoping to rebuild their lives.

Multiple Measures to Provide Greater Medical Security for Rare Disease Patients

MediTrust Health places great focus on building the medical security system for the rare disease population. To this end, in May 2021, MediTrust Health announced the establishment of the “iCare-Clover Care Center for Rare Diseases”, leveraging industry partners to solve the payment issue, and provide rare disease patients with greater medical security. Among the measures included are working together with pharmaceutical manufacturers to facilitate the supply of medicines, working with the National Rare Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center to build a multidisciplinary and remote consultation system, working with medical experts to provide professional rare disease educational content, setting up a home for patients with rare diseases to provide them with one-stop care services, providing precise testing, early screening guidance, psychological counseling and overseas licensed drugs services. This multi-dimensional focus on rare disease issues, coupled with comprehensive innovative payment solutions to build a “surrounding wall” of protection for patients with rare diseases, would facilitate the further improvement and development of China’s rare disease diagnosis and treatment system.

Protecting “Ordinarily Great” Women

In keeping with its focus on women’s health issues, MediTrust Health has launched a variety of patient benefit programs for female cancer patients in conjunction with Women’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Breast Cancer Prevention Month. Such programs include the “Boai Xin’an” breast cancer patient medical cost reimbursement program, breast reconstruction prosthetic devices insurance and the “Ze You Le Xiang” comprehensive care platform for ovarian cancer patients. These programs create a diversified landscape covering patient services, commercial insurance services and pharmaceutical company services in the hopes of further reducing the financial burden incurred from medical treatments for female cancer patients and the greater population while improving their access to medication.

Solving Issues Pertaining to the Difficulties in Receiving Specialist Treatment

In response to difficulties faced in receiving treatment, MediTrust Health’s Care2pay platform partnered with CSCO (Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology) and ECCO (East Clinical Center of Oncology) to launch a multidisciplinary consultation service with frontline medical experts to fully integrate their resources and perform high-quality and effective multidisciplinary collaborative diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients. In January 2021, the “iCare Expert Consultation Panel” was established to provide cancer patients with personalized diagnosis and treatment plans, build a high-efficiency, high-standard and high-value innovative treatment model, and facilitate the selection of the best treatment plans for the whole treatment cycle. In July 2020, MediTrust hosted the “Doctors Join Hearts and Hands to Fight Cancer” pro-bono cancer clinic campaign in the Shanghai Artemed Hospital to provide pro-bono cancer treatment services for patients.

Addressing Medication-Related Issues

To address the accessibility and affordability issues related to cancer specialty drugs commonly faced by members of society, MediTrust Health has worked together with insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and users to launch a range of cancer specialty drug insurance plans and solutions. The “Drug God (Yaoshenbao)” cancer specialty drugs insurance plan was launched in May 2019, whereby users only need to pay a RMB 1 premium per day to be covered for 12 types of cancer specialty drugs outside the national social security drug list within two years of diagnosis. MediTrust Health has established partnerships with multiple insurance companies to provide medical insurance for domestic and overseas specialty drugs applicable under the policies of the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone. This move enables patients to access the conveniences provided by the pilot zone policies, bypass cumbersome drug purchase channels, avoid high drug expenses, and enjoy additional benefits such as licensed medical care and innovative drugs, thereby facilitating the construction of a multi-layer medical security system.

Multi-Dimensional Social Security

Municipal Inclusive Health Insurance Plans to Expand Citizen Medical Insurance Coverage

MediTrust Health has partnered with various local governments to build an ecosystem for “Huiminbao” around its value chain to become an industry-leading third-party service provider. As of March 2021, MediTrust Health has successfully supported the launch of more than 20 municipal “Huiminbao” health insurance programs offering supplementary medical coverage in over 30 cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, with over 20 million population enrolled. The municipal “Huiminbao” health insurance product, which usually does not have an age limit and allows one to pay out of their social security account, breaks through the usual commercial insurance practices that does not underwrite or provide claim for those already diagnosed with certain diseases, thereby providing citizens with true protection regardless of their age or health condition.

Multi-layer Medical Security System Improves Drug Accessibility

Since its launch, the Care2pay platform, a MediTrust brand providing one-stop medical payment and benefit solutions, has been committed to exploring the field of innovative medical payments by linking up pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, insurance companies and financial institutions. It has successively developed high-value drug installment services, pay-for-performance insurance plans and other innovative payment and drug benefit programs to provide drug benefits and comprehensive drug services for the majority of patients and users. As of the end of June 2021, Care2pay has established partnerships with over 50 pharmaceutical companies, handled transactions for over 1 million specialty drug patients with a Gross Payment Volume of over RMB 10 billion.

Combating the Pandemic with
Both Resources and Protection

In face of the COVID pandemic in 2020, MediTrust Health maintained its patient-centric approach, engaged proactively with its commercial partners, facilitated smooth access to medical treatment, linked up healthcare resources, extended prompt assistance and supported disaster relief efforts. On one hand, Care2pay provided patients with free online consultation services and free home delivery services of drugs to free up the burden on physical hospitals and relieve the pressure faced by its members over drug purchases. On the other hand, the Care2pay team also rolled out the “Care2pay: Insurance for Pharmacists” insurance product at breakneck speed, with a total of 18,632 complimentary insurance policies were provided for frontline pharmacists. On February 5th 2020, the company rolled out another 100,000+ complimentary insurance policies for frontline pharmacy workers and subsequently partnered with CSCO to launch the “Care2Pay Insurance for Physicians” insurance product for doctors, ensuring thorough protection for people working on the frontline of the pandemic.

Social Welfare Projects to Support the Construction of a Healthy China

MediTrust Health actively participates in welfare and social service programs. In November 2019, MediTrust Health established a strategic partnership with Beijing Life Oasis Charity Service Center to engage deeper in the “Life Oasis” project of the China Primary Health Care Foundation, which involves comprehensive and in-depth cooperation for services such as critical illness assistance, medical expense control, health insurance, and drug benefits management. In August 2020, the company formed a strategic partnership with Yayi Center of Medical Social Work of Hunan Province to run the “MediTrust Welfare” medical social services project that promotes the development of medical social work, guarantees adequate medical resources, provides patients with more people-centric care and social services, and improves medical experiences for patients and medical services provided.

Sustainable Management

Sustainable Employee Development

MediTrust Health is committed to establishing a comprehensive career development system for its young employees, to facilitate their personal development and help them achieve their goals during the work, thereby forming an independent internal environment and corporate culture. By setting up the “MediTrust Circle” official social media account to record the development milestones and highlights of MediTrust employees, developing the online OKR (Objectives and Key Results) system, and helping employees reasonably formulate and plan towards achieving their objectives, MediTrust has established its own employer brand that values competency over superficiality and practices the high-quality employment philosophy.

Moving Ahead Hand-in-Hand with Our Partners

As the founder of the “Internet + Medical + Pharmaceutical + Insurance” ecosystem, MediTrust Health strives to create a comprehensive medical and health services route through Care2pay, commercial health insurance, municipal inclusive health insurance, iCare Ins Pro, the iCare Internet Hospital and MediTrust.XYZ to empower the industry. The company also assists its partners in their ongoing exploration and expansion efforts in various fields covered by their businesses while promoting the development of the entire medical and health industry to ultimately create a win-win scenario among multiple parties.

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