MediTrust Health

Innovative Healthcare Service Platform

Our Vision

Healthy life for your family

Bring better healthcare service to every family and create a brighter future.

Corporate Culture

Patient first Innovation driven
Promise keeping Mutually beneficial

Value Proposition

Driven by smart technology, our healthcare and insurance platforms serve as the hub to provide our customers and their family members with more comprehensive, economically affordable and high-quality healthcare products and services.

Key Events

August 2017

MediTrust Health was established and incubated in SPH Health Commerce Co., Ltd.

October 2017

Partnership with AstraZeneca and Huatai Insurance to introduce our first innovative payment offering in China: the exclusive protection plan for compensation of Tagrisso.

April 2018

Care2pay, our pharmacy benefit platform starts operation.

December 2018

Partnership with Hua Insurance and China Re Life to launch “Huaxia Yibaotong”, our first specialty drug service offering.

May 2019

Lauch of the ‘Yaoshenbao’ protection plan for cancer specialty drugs, thereby spurring the wave of development in the field of specialty drug insurance.

September 2019

Partnership with the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) to provide cancer treatment protection for oncology patients.

March 2020

Strategic share purchase from China Re Life.

April 2020

Launch of ‘Suhuibao’, our first customizable municipal health insurance plan guided by Suzhou government to benefit over a million residents.

September 2020

Launch of the brand new Care2pay online mobile app.

March 2021

Completion of Series B financing while crossing the million mark in the cumulative number of patients and served.

May 2021

Establishment of the iCare-Clover Rare Disease Care Center, using multiple-measure approach to empower medical security for patients with rare disease.

August 2021

Completion of over ¥2 billion Series C Financing.

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