MediTrust Health Establishes the “iCare-Clover Rare Diseases Care Center”


On 31 May, MediTrust Health organized the “iCare Cares for Patients with Rare Diseases” launching ceremony at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. On the day of the event, MediTrust Health announced that it would establish the “iCare-Clover Rare Diseases Care Center”, whereby a payment-centric approach would be employed to link up partners in the industry ecosystem and provide rare disease patients with a stronger guarantee of receiving comprehensive medical services.


Among the measures included are working together with pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmaceutical industry enterprises to facilitate the supply of medicines, working with the National Rare Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center to build a multidisciplinary and remote consultation system, working with national experts to provide professional rare disease education content, setting up a home for patients with rare diseases to provide patients with one-stop care services, precise testing, early screening guidance, psychological counseling and the introduction of overseas licensed drugs. This multi-dimensional focus on rare disease problems would build a “surrounding wall” of protection for rare disease patients through innovative payment solutions to promote the further improvement and development of China’s rare disease diagnosis and treatment system.


The launching ceremony was attended by Tang Jisong (Former Chief of the Social Insurance Fund Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Vice President of the China Social Insurance Association), Zhou Qingnian (Vice Chairman cum Secretary-General of the China Primary Health Care Foundation), Huang Rufang (Founder of the Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders), Dr. Yuan Yun (Director of Peking University First Hospital cum Director-designate of the Rare Disease Branch of the Beijing Medical Association), Dr. Wang Yi (Leader of the Rare Disease Group of the Chinese Medical Association), Jin Chunlin (Director of the Shanghai Health Development Research Center), Wu Chun (Managing Director and Global Partner of BCG), Zhang Xiaodong (CEO of MediTrust Health) and numerous medical and insurance industry professionals.


In his speech, Zhang Xiaodong said, “We will actively facilitate the interconnection of treatments for rare diseases, linking up the information ‘islands’ of the insurance, medical, and drug manufacturing sectors to consolidate a multi-party co-payment system for rare diseases, thereby contributing to MediTrust Health’s prowess.


In the round table discussion themed “Providing joint recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases through focusing on the pain points of drug use faced by patients”, Dr. Wang Yi (Leader of the Rare Disease Group of the Chinese Medical Association), Bian Xin (Vice President of Roche Pharmaceuticals’ China Market Access Department), Xiang Yu (CEO of RareStone Group), Xie Qi (General Manager of the Taiping Pension Product Marketing Department), Cai Qianye (Deputy CEO of MediTrust Health), Huang Rufang (Founder of the Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders), Le Yingming (Executive Secretary of the National Health Medical Research Institute of the China Primary Health Care Foundation) shared and discussed the solutions to pain points faced by patients of rare diseases.


As the launching ceremony coincided with the eve of Children’s Day, MediTrust Health and the Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders organized a “Make a Wish Come True” activity which saw MediTrust Health’s volunteers delighting young patients with an extraordinary Children’s Day gift in the form of taking 20 rare disease child patients and their families to Shanghai Disneyland for a fun day out.


“Solving rare disease problems needs to begin from making comprehensive efforts in policy design, medical service improvement, drug supply guarantee, medical payment innovation and public welfare assistance.” Zhang Xiaodong said, “I believe that with the combined efforts from various sectors of society, we can usher in a new era for the treatment and diagnosis of rare diseases, increase accessibility to medical treatment and boost the quality of life among patients.


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