A Mothers’ Day Gift: MediTrust Health Launches China’s First Breast Reconstruction Prosthetic Device Insurance with Up to 100 Percent Payouts


In the recent years, breast cancer has become the number one killer of women, with morbidity and mortality rates both increasing year by year. The highest incidence of breast cancer is in women aged 45 to 50, an age range most mothers also happen to fall into.


In conjunction with Mothers’ Day, MediTrust Health introduced China's first innovative insurance product covering the cost of breast reconstruction prosthetic devices, thereby improving the accessibility of diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer patients to offer some form of comfort to breast cancer patients.


On 8 May, the Launching Ceremony of the Breast Reconstruction Prosthetic Device Insurance Product-cum-Kickoff Ceremony of the Breast Reconstruction Science Lecture Series were held in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Meanwhile, MediTrust Health also partnered with Johnson & Johnson Medical to run educational campaigns on breast reconstruction and diseases, so as to help each and every breast cancer patient receive more optimized disease management and higher-value medical services. This would then help them overcome the prejudice and discrimination attached to the disease while breaking the taboo of cancer among women.


The said innovative insurance product was developed by MediTrust Health and Taiping General Insurance Co., Ltd., with insurance liabilities encompassing “insurance for the cost of specific drugs to treat malignant tumors” and “medical insurance for the cost of breast prosthetic devices”. This is the first insurance product in China to cover oncology specialty drugs and implantable medical devices. Users who meet the claim conditions could be reimbursed for the cost of prosthetic devices for first-stage breast reconstruction which is paid out according to the stipulated ratio, with the payout ratio being up to 100%. Users will be then provided with services such as medical treatment arrangements and advances for the cost of breast prosthetic devices.


In China, the incidence of breast cancer is unyieldingly high with an increasingly younger demographic, while 70 percent of breast cancer patients require mastectomies. The negative impact of breast removal on patients extends far beyond mere physical loss. A questionnaire survey showed that 97.5 percent of breast cancer surgery patients experience anxiety while 93.3 percent of breast cancer surgery patients suffer from an increased sense of inferiority.


In a survey participated by 110 hospitals, it was found that China had a 10 percent breast reconstruction rate as of 2017, a significant lag from the 40 percent rate of other developed countries. The breast reconstruction prosthetic devices insurance product launched by MediTrust Health is set to benefit numerous breast cancer patients, whereby it will help breast removal patients reconstruct and restore their breasts while improving their mental wellbeing and quality of life in the long run.


As the leading brand in the area of innovative medical payment services in China, MediTrust Health is committed to providing user-centric all-round healthcare services to support the building of a multi-level medical security system. General Manager of MediTrust Health’s health insurance department Yang Shuo said, “MediTrust Health has launched numerous innovative payment products for oncology patients, including drug installments, efficacy insurance and commercial insurance direct payments. This commercial insurance product covering the costs of breast reconstruction prosthetic devices is MediTrust Health’s first foray into bringing its innovative payment services into the field of breast cancer. We will fully utilize our closed-loop Internet + Medical + Pharmaceutical + Insurance ecosystem to build a multi-level medical security system and improve accessibility to pharmaceutical products and medical devices, thereby helping more breast cancer patients reduce their burdens and enabling them to reclaim their lives.


As the expert in innovative medical payment services in China, MediTrust Health will leverage its closed-loop “Internet + Medical + Pharmaceutical + Insurance” ecosystem while using oncology specialty drugs as a starting point in exploring the areas of payment methods for commercial health insurance and medical mutual assistance. True to its corporate vision of “Guaranteed healthcare for everyone; health for the whole family”, these measures are set to improve accessibility to new drugs and innovative medical devices while enabling patients to access high-quality medical resources.

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