MediTrust Health and AstraZeneca Form a Strategic Partnership in the Field of Cardiovascular Diseases


On 23 April, Shanghai MediTrust Health Technology Co., Ltd. (“MediTrust Health”) and AstraZeneca (Wuxi) Trade Co., Ltd. (“AstraZeneca”) held a strategic partnership signing ceremony at the 2021 Taihu Bay Future Healthcare Conference.


Witnessed by guests and members of the media present, both parties signed a partnership agreement and expressed high regard and hopes for the in-depth partnership. In the future, cooperation between both parties will be based on the “Internet + Medical + Pharmaceutical + Insurance” ecosystem model, whereby they will engage in deeper collaboration in multiple fields including medicine and healthcare, innovative payments, insurance services and patient management in order to reduce the financial burden of cardiovascular disease patients arising from medical costs.


According to the “Summary of the China Cardiovascular Diseases Report 2019”, serious challenges are present in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in China, whereby the total number of cardiovascular disease patients amounts to 330 million while the incidence and mortality rates are rising with an increasingly younger demographic. Designed with the objective of providing cardiovascular disease patients with exclusive protection plans, the “Healthier Hearts for a Happier Future” project that both parties have embarked on is MediTrust Health’s first cardiovascular disease insurance project that runs for up to five years. Patients may choose flexible payment methods to reduce financial burdens arising from medical costs while strengthening disease self-management capabilities and accessing more high-quality medical resources.


Having witnessed the signing ceremony, MediTrust Health CEO Zhang Xiaodong said, “We are very happy to establish this strategic partnership with AstraZeneca to explore commercial insurance and medical payment methods, thereby improving the accessibility and affordability of drugs for long-term chronic diseases while contributing to the prevention and treatment efforts of cardiovascular diseases in China. Ever since its establishment three years ago, MediTrust has undergone rapid growth to effectively link up medical service providers, pharmaceutical companies and commercial insurance companies, eliminating the gaps in the fragmented landscape of medical services to create an environment that leverages complementary strengths. This partnership will provide cardiovascular disease patients with seamless, consistent and standardized services, thereby taking into consideration both the rational use of medical resources and the effective control of medical expenses. We also aim to promote the accessibility of medical services, medicines and other medical-related products while improving the quality of medical services and meeting the deeper health needs of patients."


In line with the policies of the “Healthy China 2030 Plan Outline”, MediTrust Health has in recent years worked tirelessly on addressing medical payment issues related to major diseases while also exploring new possibilities and expanding the scope of business coverage to benefit more Chinese patients.


MediTrust Health and AstraZeneca hope that this partnership will act as a bedrock to consolidate the strengths and resources of both parties to enable the ongoing exploration of more forms of cooperation in more fields while providing high-quality advanced medical services and diversified innovative payment methods. It is hoped that these measures would provide wider and deeper coverage for cardiovascular disease patients and provide practical assistance to more cardiovascular disease patients in China by removing the “ability to pay” barrier, hence enabling more people to access high-quality medical resources.




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